De Anza Accounting 1A

Use of Websites in Class

CPAscott is my own personal website. I use it to communicate public information such as the course syllabus.  The site is open year round and can be viewed at any time.  While information on this site does change, it is an excellent place to preview a course before the quarter starts.

Canvas is the new Learning Management System (LMS) at De Anza College. (It replaces Catalyst, a system that some of you may have used previously.) Once the quarter starts and you are enrolled in my De Anza Accounting course, you will be able to get into Canvas.  

Cengage is a website sponsored by the textbook publisher.  For this Accounting 1A course, the Cengage portion of the course will be accessed from inside of Canvas. This site requires purchase of the textbook/access code.  The course syllabus explains the various purchase options. The publisher allows a short free trial period, so all students should be able to complete the first assignment without purchasing the textbook/access code.


Three different website will be used in this class.   Here is a partial list of resources/activities for each website.





Chapter Homework Assignments


Discussion Forums

Chapter Online Quizzes (if any)

Homework Assignment Listing

Publisher Powerpoints


Extra Credit Information

Various Lecture Videos and Pencasts

Other Publisher Resources

Project Information

Exam Preview Information

Exam Practice Problems

Use of Websites Information

Various Projects/Homework Tasks

Optional Study Plans

Grade Estimator



Links to Accounting Sites


Exam Preview Information


Getting started in Canvas

Getting started in Cengage