Last updated 9/4/19



If you do NOT want a hardcopy of the text and want only the Cengage Access Code (and the e-book for 90 days) you can buy the code directly from Cengage.  If you want to do this, be sure to use the special Cengage microsites.  This alternative has a limitation because the hardcopy of the book will be a permanent resource while the e-book access expires after about 90 days; and because the price is about the same. You may also find it useful to bring the hardcopy to class.


There is a separate microsite for each course. Be sure to use the correct one for the course you are taking.


Links for Fall Quarter 2019


Accounting 1A


Accounting 1B


Accounting 1C



MEMO: Regarding Cengage Unlimited.   Cengage offers another opportunity which might be more cost effective for a very limited number of students.  You will likely have several chances to view (and/or buy) Cengage Unlimited during the registration process.  The typical cost for four month access is about $119, which is about twice the price of the microsite or bookstore price.  Cengage Unlimited may be a good deal if you are taking some other classes at De Anza (like a math class) that also uses Cengage. Each student will need to evaluate the economics of this option depending upon their own situation.  Most students will probably find the microsite or bookstore price to be a better option.  Please ask your instructor if you are confused by the many chances to purchase Cengage Unlimited during your registration process.