De Anza College Accounting 1B

Extra Credit Opportunities


Extra credit will be available throughout the quarter; however, there are important limitations.  Extra credit can NOT increase your grade from an A to an A+. Also, if you have earned less than a D+ (less than 67%) on all other work excluding extra credit, then NO extra credit will be allowed.  In other words, if you have earned a D without regard to any extra credit, then extra credit can NOT be used to increase your grade to a passing score. Extra credit is a privilege…not a right.  Any and all extra credit may be disallowed based on instructor discretion.  Reasons that extra credit may be disallowed include, but are not limited to, failure to follow extra credit assignment instructions exactly, excessive in-class talking or other disruptive behavior, or very poor attendance.


From time to time, extra credit will be handed out in the form of “Micropoints”.  These are printed certificates with unique numbers.  The certificates are non-transferable and can only be used in the class where they were handed out.  You cannot transfer them from one person to another.  Each time you receive a micropoint certificate you should write the date and reason received on the back.  You need to save the micropoints until the end of the quarter and turn them in.  Micropoints are due on the last day of class before Finals. (NOT accepted the day of the Final.)  At the end of the quarter, please staple all of your micropoints into one packet.  Then write your full name on the back and total up all of your micropoints.  Write the total on the back along with your name.  (Please do not make your own packet with notebook paper.)  This is extra credit.  The amount of extra credit will be determined at the end of the course.  Since this is extra credit, you need to follow the above instructions exactly.  Failure to follow the instructions (or provide the correct micropoint total) will result in zero points.   Your micropoints may be “audited” at the end of the course.  If you have an above average number of micropoints, the dates and reasons received written on the back of each certificate may be scrutinized.   If the dates and reasons do not make sense in the opinion of the instructor…or are missing, then your micropoints will not be allowed.

Micropoint Summary (end of quarter)



 Staple into packet


Write your name on back of packet


Correct total on back of packet



Other Options for Extra Credit

There will be two extra credit pathways this quarter.  You can do one or the other but not both.

PATHWAY ONE:  Join and successfully complete the Adjunct Program.  This program will be/was presented in class at the beginning of the quarter.  You need to enroll in a half-unit class and go to meetings once per week with one of my “TA’s” for this class.  You also need to complete several skills workshops.  You will receive a pass/not pass grade in the half-unit class.  If you pass this course, you will also get FOUR (4) extra credit “PERCENTAGE POINTS” in the Accounting 1B class.    A “PERCENTAGE POINT” relates to your grade at the end of the quarter.  For instance, four “PERCENTAGE POINTS” would increase your final course score from an 89% to a 93%.  Remember extra credit can NOT increase your grade above an “A”. The following section times are available:


For more information go to:

Adjunct classes can only be taken two times while you are a student at De Anza. If you have already taken an Adjunct class two times, then you may be able to audit the class a third time.  Consult with the instructor about the availability of extra credit if you are auditing the course.


PATHWAY TWO:  This has two components.  You can do either one or both of the components. 

PATHWAY TWO Component A:

Attend two (2) Tutorial Center Skills Workshops this quarter you can earn 15 extra credit homework points in 1A.  You can select any 2, however, if one of the workshops is Brain Game: Engaging Ethics then you can earn 17 points instead of 15 points. (8 points if you attend only 1 workshop.)  If you finish both workshops by the end of the sixth week 2/15/19), you can get an additional extra credit point.

(These MUST be STUDY SKILLS or STUDENT LIFE SKILLS workshops…NOT content workshops such as any Economics workshops or the WRITING/READING/GRAMMAR SKILLS workshops.  These latter workshops do not qualify for extra credit.)


How to Sign Up:


Just show up!  Advance sign-up NOT required.


Review the workshop schedule for day, time and room location.


First come - first served to guarantee a space.  Priority seating is given to students who arrive on time and are fulfilling requirements for Skills 232 or CAS.


Students who arrive late will not be seated.


Each presenter will determine seat count based on classroom size and workshop topic.


Print out an attendance sheet (i.e. Workshop Form) and TAKE IT TO EACH WORKSHOP.  When you attend each workshop YOU SHOULD FILL OUT THE FORM IN INK AND GET THE PRESENTER TO SIGN THE SHEET. Give the sheet to Scott after you have gone to the workshops. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY WILL RESULT IN A REDUCTION TO ANY EXTRA CREDIT.


Click here for Workshop Form


CAUTION: Students in my sections have a lower priority than some of the other students.  Therefore, you should try to fulfill your requirement as early in the quarter as possible, in case you are not able to get into the class.  If you wait until the end of the quarter you may not be able to attend the requisite courses.  You should also double check the time and location of the workshops because sometimes they are moved to another location.  You also need to BE ON TIME to the workshops.  They lock the door and then will not let any more students in after the workshop starts.  The Tutorial Center has limited capacity so it is your responsibility to be at the right place at the right time.   Also, you cannot double up on the extra credit.   For instance, if you are getting any sort of academic credit elsewhere for attending a workshop, you cannot also get extra credit here. 



For more Info go to


Sign up early as these workshops can fill up.


PATHWAY TWO Component B: (Due the last Saturday before Final Exam week…i.e. the 12th week.)

Complete an accounting project on Cengage.   You can earn as many as THREE (3) extra credit “PERCENTAGE POINTS” for this assignment.  A “PERCENTAGE POINT” relates to your grade at the end of the quarter.  Three “PERCENTAGE POINTS” would increase your final course score from an 89% to a 92%, for instance.

Complete the Cengage assignment titled “1B Extra Credit 3 Percentage Points”.  This assignment has problems from each chapter in the course. It is scored on a three (3) point basis.  These are percentage points…not homework points like all the other Cengage homework.  The assignment can be worked on at any time during the quarter although it is due the last Saturday night before Final Exam Week.  Ideally those desiring the extra credit will work on this throughout the quarter…not at the end of the quarter.  (Remember if you are in the Adjunct Program, you can NOT also do this assignment for credit.  You can work the assignment for extra practice/no credit in preparing for exams.)


Cengage NOW - Work the assignment titled:

 “1B Extra Credit 3 Percentage Points”

DUE March 23, 2019 – 11:55PM (3 Percentage points)ad

Remember extra credit can NOT increase your grade above an “A”.