De Anza Accounting


Use of websites in class

Three different website will be used in this class.   Here is a partial list of resources/activities for each website.




Chapter Homework Assignments

Orientation Quiz (MANDATORY)


Chapter Online Quizzes

Variety of Forums including:

Homework Assignment Listing

Midterm 1 (Chapters 18-21)

    News Forum for Announcements

Use of Website Information


    Course Question Forum

Extra Credit Information

Other Publisher Resources

    Various Forums-Discussions/Projects

General brief announcements

Exam Practice Problems

Publisher Powerpoints

Grade Estimator

Optional Study Plans

Various Lecture Videos and Pencasts

Links to Accounting Sites

Final Assessment

Various Projects/Homework Tasks




Exam Preview Information

Getting started in Canvas

 IMPORTANT: This Cengage information below is only for the ONLINE (ACCT-001C-63Z) version of the course.


Getting started in CengageNOW Instructions


Start Date: 1/07/19 Course will not open until 1/07/19.

Cengage quick start link



Announcement 1.  If you do NOT want a hardcopy of the text and want only the Cengage Access Code (and the e-book for 90 days) you can buy the code directly from Cengage.  If you want to do this, be sure to purchase from the special Cengage/De Anza Microsite .  This is not recommended because the hardcopy of the book will be a permanent resource while the e-book access expires after 90 days, and because the price is about the same.

Announcement 2. If you took Accounting 1C at De Anza before Fall 2017 (and purchased and used a Cengage Access Code for the Warren 26th edition) but did not complete or pass the course and you are retaking it, then you will need to buy another book. 

De Anza upgraded to the 27th edition effective Fall 2017. If you took Accounting 1C at De Anza during Fall 2017 or after (and purchased and used a Cengage Access Code for the Warren 27th edition) but did not complete or pass the course and you are retaking it, then you should be able to get a free replacement code from Cengage. Contact the instructor.

Announcement 3. For help with registration, sign-in, and assignment completion, please look at the following Cengage resources such as the student user guide and self-training videos.

Comprehensive User Guide for Students

Announcement 4. For Cengage technical support you can call 800-354-9706 or go to

Announcement 5. A variety of OPTIONAL assignments have also been placed on Cengage.  There is an optional (not for credit) assignment to help get started in the course.  It is named: “OPTIONAL Getting Started”.  Work this assignment if you want more information about how to effectively use Cengage to study Accounting. In addition, each chapter contains an optional “Adaptive Study Plan” assignment. For instance, the assignment for the first chapter is named “OPTIONAL Ch. 18 Study Plan”.  Work through these (if you want to) to help master the material in each chapter.  These Study Plans contain multiple choice quizzes that can help you prepare for the multiple choice questions on exams.  You can take the quiz and then press the “Submit Quiz” button (upper right of screen) to see the results.  However, DO NOT PRESS THE “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” BUTTON for the Study Plan itself.  You only have one chance or “take” for this assignment. If you submit the assignment itself, you will not be able to see it after you submit it.