De Anza College Accounting 52

Extra Credit Assignment and Due Date



This assignment is worth up to 3 percentage points of the final course grade. That means if your final course percentage score is 89% (B+) it could be increased to 92%(A-) if you do a good job on the assignment.

Extra credit can NOT increase your grade from an A to an A+. Also, if you have earned less than a D+ (less than 67%) on all other work excluding extra credit, then NO extra credit will be allowed. In other words, if you have earned a D without regard to any extra credit, then extra credit can NOT be used to increase your grade to a passing score. Extra credit is a privilege…not a right. Any and all extra credit may be disallowed based on instructor discretion. Reasons that extra credit may be disallowed include, but are not limited to, failure to follow extra credit assignment instructions exactly, disruptive behavior, or lack of academic integrity.

Extra Credit Paper


No late papers accepted.


Write a 1,500 word paper on one of two topics (you can only pick one topic). 





Write a 1,500 word paper on a current or recent major corporate merger/acquisition. This could be an elaboration on a story that was reported in the Canvas Merger and Acquisition Discussion Forum, or something new.


Details:  If you choose to write a paper on this topic, the paper should address the following items:

1.  A brief introduction and description of the merger parties,

2.  The reasons for the merger

3.  Relevant details about the merger mechanics,

4.  Problems, concerns, issues (if any) related to the merger,

5.  Current developments related to the merger/ future predictions,

6.  Other items of interest.




Write a 1,500 word paper on a financial topic of current interest (to you and/or the general public) regarding local or state government(s); or non-profit organization(s).  Include a description of the facts and also your own personal judgment and analysis related to the topic. This is a relatively open, unstructured paper, although it should be focused on a financial issue.




Remember that I am interested in your thought process and writing efforts…not in your ability to copy and paste from the web.  Copying material from the web should only be done in very limited instances…AND only with proper attribution (footnotes).  Copying from the web or any other source without proper attribution is plagiarism and considered cheating.  The paper should be typewritten.


This extra credit paper MUST be checked for originality on BEFORE you submit the hard copy paper at the on-campus exam.




1.    Go to Turnitin

2.    In the upper right corner, click on “Create Account.”

3.    If you do not already have a Turnitin account then Create a New Account as a “student” and follow the instructions.

4.    Enter the Turnitin class ID:20885541

5.    Enter the Turnitin class “Enrollment Key”: debit (make sure you do NOT use caps)

6.    Enter your first and your last name.

7.    Enter your email address.

8.    Enter your own personal password that you want to use. Type it again to confirm it.

9.    Select a secret question (in case you forget your password). Type in the answer to the question.  

10.                       Read the agreement.

11.                       Verify that you are not a robot.

12.                       Click on the “I Agree- -Create Profile” link.





1.    Log in to your account.

2.    Click on Accounting 52 Spring 2019 Online

3.    Next to “Extra Credit Paper” click on the paper icon under “submit.”

4.    Enter a title of your paper. (It doesn’t need to be your entire title.)

5.    Click on “Browse.”

6.    Find your paper on your computer. Click on the file.

7.    Click “submit” in the upper-right corner of the box.

8.    Double check that it is the right paper then click on “yes, submit” at the top of the box.

9.    Make sure that you get a paper id (noted in red) to ensure that your paper was successfully submitted.